Frequently Asked Questions

What timber do you use in your retaining walls?
We most commonly use tanalised H4 and H5 grade NZ radiata in 150x 50mm or 200x 50mm with 100x 100mm posts in retainers below 1m and rounds for superior strength in dimensions to suit the ground and height conditions.
Does the weather affect your paving work?
95% of paving can be completed in any weather which is a great advantage over concrete with no curing time and immediate use after completion.
Do you offer free quotes?
Hamish will personally appraise, measure and quote your project for free with no obligation.
Do you repair existing paving?
We repair a lot of existing paving for a number of reasons.

In schools or public areas paving is chosen because there are a lot of changes in these areas, i.e. building, water pipes, drainage, power, etc, and paving can be lifted and relaid with no difference in the finished surface unlike concrete and asphalt.

In private areas, mainly driveways we lift and relay pavers because the base has generally failed for two main reasons. The wrong base has been used or inadequate base or compaction was used.

How long have you been in business?
Hamish has been at APC for over 20 years and have owned it for almost as long.
We still specialise in paving but now complete the whole project whatever it may be and still finish the job to a very high standard.
Do you supply the materials?
We can source and supply all materials to complete your project or work with materials already on site or supplied by the client.
Do you build stone wall retaining?
We can construct stone walls or retainers and also use timber, block or brick to complete your retaining wall.
Do you do concrete edging?
We can do continuous concrete edging or box and pour if the situation requires it. This can also be coloured to suit existing concrete paths or drives or surrounding areas.
Do you offer a workmanship guarantee?
We offer a 5 year workmanship guarantee and as we have been around for over 35 years we won’t be going anywhere soon so will be here to back that up.

Our regular suppliers are also happy to back their products on a job to job basis which is why we choose their quality products.

What brands of paving do you offer?
We can supply and deliver to site;

  • Firth
  • Premier
  • Paving worx

or work with a supplier of your choice.

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